Security and Systems Engineering

In my experience when a business brings security people into their systems engineering process they are trying to solve a problem. Usually there has either been a painful security incident or some security testing pushed them over the edge and they feel exposed. Sometimes they are undertaking a big enough change or the security implications of a change are so obvious that they realise they need to ensure security is covered off.

However, while the senior management of the business is looking to solve the security problem there is commonly confusion amongst the system engineering teams, the new security team and the middle management of the business about what it is they are asking for and what it is they are getting. Read the rest of this entry »

Protected: Black Swan Security Dinner

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Security defect triage in delivery projects

The guys at Recx asked me to look at a draft of their recent blog post The Business v Security Bugs – Risk Management of Software Security Vulnerabilities by ISVs where they describe some of the business constraints and influences on security defect triage for Independent Software Vendors and make the case that ultimately the triage decision is a business decision not a technical security decision.

I was happy to do it as I’ve known the guys at Recx for a long time and they are a great little British security company with some seriously deep technical security skills. They have a lot of experience working through ISV security defect triage processes both as external security researchers and as internal product security managers.
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44con and Uncon

It’s been a busy week again.

I helped out  a few weeks ago on the panel choosing speakers for the Infosec track for 44con and subsequently got roped in / volunteered to run that track during the days of the con. A week before 44con happened one of the speakers failed to get a visa and I volunteered to fill the gap and spoke on ‘Intelligence-Led Cybersecurity’. It was an interesting process working out what I could talk about, how I could squeeze it into a 45 minute slot (With questions)  and then convincing my employers to let me talk publicly.
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Cyber Cyber Cyber

The industrialisation of cyberwar and cyberespionage using techniques developed in the last decade of massive expansion in cybercrime has presented a serious challenge to the security industry.

The myriad breaches, whether at the lulz end of the scale or at the national security end of the scale, has highlighted the fact that while we as an industry may have been doing the component parts of information security for a long time we haven’t done it very well.
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