Big Data Security Analytics Paper

I wrote this paper with a colleague recently. A practical guide for getting started in Big Data Security Analytics. This should be the first of a series of posts on the application of big data technologies and data science approaches to cyber security.

I understand the impact of pervasive mobile, I get the risks of ‘consumerisation’ and I can see the challenges of cloud but it’s the opportunities of big data that have me excited about the future of security, both cyber security and traditional information security.

2 thoughts on “Big Data Security Analytics Paper

    1. Agreed that Data Science is not easy and not a silver bullet. A good data scientist is a rare and valuable thing.

      There is a slowly growing body of knowledge to work with and unfortunately a lot of charlatans, it’s early days for a new discipline that I can see is going to bring big rewards. For reasons I haven’t blogged on yet I think Big Data technologies and Data Science will fundamentally change Security Management practices for the better but I’m also sure that we are 5-10 years away from seeing that happen (You can remind me of that prediction in 2024!).

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